The Colombian author of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, had an illegitimate daughter, a secret kept by his family for years, but revealed today, eight years after his death.

Garcia Marquez was married for almost 87 years with Mercedes Batsa, but had an extramarital affair with a Mexican journalist, 33 years younger than him, Susanna Kato, according to the Cartagena newspaper El Universal. From this relationship was born a daughter, Indira, 33 today, producer of the cinema, which does not bear the surname of her famous father.

The author of “One Hundred Years of Loneliness” met Susanna Kato in Cuba. He was interviewed once for a Colombian newspaper and they wrote various scripts together.

Marquez's best kept secret

“Shortly before the death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the rumor reached my ears “For the next eight years I was stunned. I wanted to find out if the information was true,” Gustavo Tatis, the author of the article, told a local radio station.

daughter: Gabriel Garcia Marquez's best kept secret “, Tatis explains that he confirmed the information from the author's biographer, members of his family and one of his best friends. But he kept it a secret, out of respect for Mercedes. “We waited for her to die to uncover the information” as the existence of this hidden daughter was “the most sacred and personal secret” of Garcia Marquez.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, his top spokesman ” of magical realism “, died on 31 April 2014 At the age 87 years in Mexico, where he lived most of his life. His wife died on 31 August 2020.

Until the end he had his mind on his daughter

The El Universal article does not specify whether Mercedes was aware of Indira's existence.

“It is very likely that Mercedes had feel what was happening between Susanna and Garcia Marquez but until the end of her life remained discreet and silent. However, the revelation of Indira's existence was a catastrophic event for the family “, according to the author.

” Until the end, Garcia Marquez had his mind on his daughter “, he assured.

In his decade 2014 Garcia Marquez had characteristically stated that “all “Writers have three lives: one public, one private and one secret.”

In his own case, “in each of these three lives, women played a key role,” the journalist commented.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Mercedes had two sons, Gonzalo and Rodrigo, who published the book “Gabo's Farewell to the Mercedes” last year, about the last days of their father's life. .

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