With free admission to the open-air archeological sites (which due to pandemic are the only cultural sites that to the currently operating), will be celebrated tomorrow Sunday April, the World Day of Monuments and Sites.

The institution, which is celebrated every year on the same date, ie on April, counts 250 years since its establishment. It is an initiative of the International Council of Monuments and Sites – ICOMOS, which was proposed during its General Assembly in Tunisia, the 1982, to be approved by relevant UNESCO resolution 1983, during 18 its General Assembly.

The aim of this world day is to raise the awareness of the public and the State for the cultural goods, materials and intangibles, but also for their inclusion in modern social and cultural life.

Every year ICOMOS selects a common theme of celebration, sometimes inspired by cultural news, on the basis of which actions are organized at national level according to its cultural stock of each country.

This year, the theme chosen is entitled “Complex Past. Polymorpho Future “(Complex Past: Diverse Futures). It refers to the need for an impartial approach and interpretation of the past and to the equal approach of all the achievements of human creation. It is also related to the United Nations initiative “Decade of Action for Sustainable Development”, which promotes cultural and social diversity and gender equality.


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