Foreign Minister Dendias to sign Defence Agreement with US Secretary of State Blinken in Washington

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias is in Washington, DC, where he will participate in the third round of the Greek-US Strategic Talks and the signing of the Greek-American defence agreement.

Dendias, along with US State Department Secretary Anthony Blinken will sign the Second Amendment Protocol to the Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement.

The Greek Foreign Minister is scheduled to meet tonight with the MP (Congressman) John Sarbanes, as well as with senator Chris Van Hollen while he will attend a reception with representatives of the Greek community.

Dendias will arrive at the State Department tomorrow, Thursday, where he will have a private meeting with his American counterpart Anthony Blinken, followed by extended talks. Then at 16:45, there will be joint statements to the press, followed by the signing of the Second Protocol Amending the Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement.

The agreement will have a 5-year duration will provide the US Armed Forces the right to use even more military bases in Greece. According to “”, in addition to the facilities at the Souda naval base, the US Armed Forces will have institutionalised access to the Litochoro firing range, the Army Air Brigade in Stefanovikeio, Magnesia, and in Alexandroupolis, a gateway for the deployment of US troops stationed in Eastern Europe.

At a time when the United States is reducing its presence in warm regions across the globe, refocusing its interest in the Pacific region, Washington is increasing its presence in Greece, at a time when Ankara is escalating its provocations in the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus.

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