Forbes: Syros among the underrated Mediterranean islands

In a piece titled “Five Underrated Mediterranean Islands For The Off-The-Beaten-Path Traveler”, Forbes includes the Greek island of Syros as one of the must-visit islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Famed for its warm climate and spectacular natural beauty, the Mediterranean Sea has no shortage of incredible destinations from the shores of Morocco to the coast of Lebanon. While certain islands like Sicily, Santorini, and Sardinia are renowned worldwide, a wealth of other destinations throughout the sea remain largely unexplored. For those seeking an exclusive escape without facing massive crowds of tourists, these five idyllic isles are ideal destinations.

Though often overshadowed by neighboring Mykonos, the Greek island of Syros is a true gem of the Cyclades, providing visitors with gorgeous architecture, a bustling nightlife, and sunny beaches. Visitors can stroll down the charming cobblestone streets of Ermoupoli and sample sugary loukomi before heading to the Archaeological Museum of Syros, a fascinating collection housed in the island’s stately city hall. Those seeking out a picturesque beach perfectly fit for sunbathing should head to the southern reaches of the island where Komito Beach, Ampela Beach, and many other idyllic options can be found.


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