Five lovely beaches near the centre of Athens

You don’t need to get into a boat or drive for long to swim and enjoy the sun on the beach. If you live in Athens, there are beaches that resemble an island, not very far from the centre. Both serviced and not, with clear waters and lovely natural landscape that will make you forget you’re in Attica. Here are some good choices for going for your first swim of the season.

Kape, Sounion
One of the nicest beaches in Greece is located near the much larger Legrena beach. Here, you’ll truly forget you’re in Attica.

KAPE stands for Centre for Renewable Energy -s in Greek, and you’ll find the beach after the village Harakas. You make a right turn on a wide dirt road and park. Before going down the 100 steps it’s best to get some water or anything else you need from the little café there, or make sure you’ve brought your own supplies. It’s also recommended to bring an umbrella with you, since there’s not much shade on the beach.

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