Fairytale Villages in the Taygetos Mountains, Southern Peloponnese

Mount Taygetos is the tallest mountain in the Peloponnese at a height of 2,405 m. Its summit is Agiolias or Profitis Ilias and it is named after the stone-built chapel that is found there and where almost every year a mass is held in the honour of Profitis Ilias.

The lower part of Taygetos is mostly covered in scrub and bushes, but as the altitude gets higher the landscape becomes more wooded and the pistacia trees and blackthorns make way for firs, cedars, and black pines up to 2,000 m. snowline.

From there on the landscape is alpine with grey stone, rocks, and low vegetation. The beauty of Taygetos is wilder than that of the neighbouring Parnon, with many gorges and canyons, such as Rintomos, Koskaraka, Viros, and Lagada, while beautiful villages perch on its steep slopes and rutted trails cross it. Reaching the summit is not an easy feat; you need to be fit and suitably equipped, and it is best to climb with a guide who knows the difficult parts of this beautiful climbing trail.

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