Explore the “Lovers’ Cave” half an hour from Athens (video)

Attica has tens of incredibly beautiful beaches along its coastline that will satisfy even the most demanding nature lover and sight seeker. Just one kilometre from the seaside port town of Porto Rafti in east Attica lies a beach called The Lovers’ Cave” (Erotospilia).

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Located 36km from the centre of Athens, it had become one of the most popular spots for the locals and after seeing it up close you will immediately see why. This is a magical beach is an organised site with umbrellas and sun-beds. The tiny bay is well protected from the winds and has sand, shade from the trees at its edges, while caves with green have formed along its blue waters.

The ideal time to visit is early summer or autumn, as it is less crowded, allowing you to take in the incredible landscape and exquisite scenery.

So take you better half and head towards the “Lovers’ Cave”.

video courtesy of Up Drones YouTube channel site updrones.gr

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