More than a year has passed since the tragic death of Briona Taylor and one A new art exhibition in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, honors her life and heritage while highlighting the serious issues of armed violence and police brutality in the United States.

The exhibition at the Speed ​​Art Museum entitled “Promise, Witness, Remembrance” presents the portrait of Brionna Taylor by Amy Sherald, which was used as the cover of the September issue 2020 of Vanity Fair.

This is the first time where the portrait appears in public.

In addition to the portrait of Sherald, the exhibition also includes works by more than 20 artists, representing a wide range of real experiences.

The themes of the exhibition , which are also mentioned in the title, emerged from the discussion that her curator, Allison Glenn, had with her mother Briona Taylor , Tamika Palmer.

In the section “Promise”

artists explore through various means the foundations of the United States of America, history and promises, as well as how people experience or do not experience the basic principles, the ideals of being American.

In the section “Witness”

a group of artists of different generations presents works that reflect the era in which they were created with a focus on resistance over time, its form and context.

In the section “Memory” the artists refer to gun violence and police brutality, their victims and their legacy.

The report presents, among others, the works of Carrie James Marshall “Lost Boys: AKA BB” (1993) and Nick Cave «Unarmed» (2021).

The 13 Briona Taylor was shot and was killed by police inside her Louisville apartment in a police fiasco.

Taylor was at her home with her partner when police raided wrongly looking for a suspect who was no longer living in the building and who had already been arrested.

The African-American Briona Taylor became a symbol in the movement against racism and police brutality sparked by the murder of another black American, George Floyd, by white police officers in Minneapolis on 15 May 2020.

Tamika Palmer, who in the section “Memory” contributed with a chronology of the life of Briona Taylor says according to APE, that the exhibition dedicated to her daughter is, as she expected, peaceful and adds that she never expected that people who did not know her would create works of art for her.

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