Giannis Bezos and Pygmalion Dadakaridis star in “Enigmatic” Variations “. An interview that leads to a hard game of truth and at the same time reveals a tender and sensitive world. through the work, with the division, the isolation, the human relations and the eternal mysteries of love.

Project Case

Abel Znorko (Yiannis Bezos) is a Nobel laureate writer living alone, withdrawn to Rosvanoi, a small island in the Norwegian Sea, avoiding everything and especially people. Having recently published his book, which has become a huge success, he agrees to give an interview to a journalist who has been besieging Eric Larsen (Pygmalion Dadakaridis) for a long time.

How randomly did Abel Znorko choose this particular journalist and how randomly did Eric Larsen choose this particular writer?

What connects the two men and what paths they will have to cross and overcome, as the upheavals follow one another in a story where the position of the cat and the mouse are constantly changing.

Director's note

Division is perhaps the greatest pandemic of mankind. Human societies have always shown a greater preference for the symbol of division.

But if we sit down calmly and study what divides us, we will see that their basis it is the same. It is as if two people are fighting over what one of the branches of a tree is more special, without seeing that all the branches have their starting point, the same trunk.

We are not divided about where we want to go, but about which path we will follow in order to get somewhere.

Heraclitus believed that the world is created by the “fire”, the opposition and the war between the opposites, in which he adds: “the opposite paths have a single direction – from the opposites the most beautiful harmony is born”.

But what if in each such case, we could soberly discern our common elements? If we could discern that every concept or definition automatically contains the opposite of what its name implies?

The Enigmatic Variations of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt are a work that essentially shows us that what divides us can easily be turned into what unites us for what else? A better life ruled by unity and love in its true, universal and universal dimension.
Sotiris Tsafoulias

What is it that isolates us and what is it that connects to human relationships. What it means to love and fall in love. How loneliness and fear can change the harshest version of ourselves and lead us to love and acceptance. Through this wonderful text, together with my good friend Sotiris Tsafoulias and the wonderful Mr. Giannis Bezos, we touch the Enigmatic Variations and travel to a world where time and man reach their most important moment after birth… in love and in how difficult but brave you discover it and accept it before time passes…
Pygmalion Dadakaridis

Contributors :
Translation: Eva Kotanidi
Direction: Sotiris Tsafoulias, Pygmalion Dadakaridis
Set Designer: Konstantinos Zamanis

Costume Designer: Agis Panagiotou
Lighting Design: Lefteris Pavlopoulos
Music composition: Thodoris Oikonomou
Motion Editing: Bilio Marneli
Assistant Director: Panagiota Papadimitriou
Assistant costume designer: Eva Kamberidou

Cast: Giannis Bezos, Pygmalion Dadakaridis

Production: Performing Arts & Entertainment LTD
Production Manager: Takis Georgas
Contact MCF: Mary Kaldara

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