The harsh images from the catastrophe in Mati remained indelibly engraved in the minds and souls of those who saw and experienced this tragedy. The artist Barbara Gerodimou, in an effort to alleviate the pain of the victims, took the initiative to animate them by beautifying, even symbolically, their daily life, their home.

The healing of the mental, physical and material wounds, is a time consuming and costly process. Let's consider how much it would cost in money and effort to build a house under normal conditions. For many of the victims the restoration work of their homes is in the phase of completion just now… However there is always the aftermath, the equipment, the supply of basic material goods and all these elements that make the home a home. Decoration is certainly not the first priority, but it can offer touches that will help the families of our fellow citizens to smile again.

The painter Barbara Gerodimou, with the warm support of her longtime collaborator of Bizart Galleries, donated copies of her works to the victims of the fire. In collaboration with the Support Structure that had been established, 20 families affected by the fire in the Eye guided by a combination of factors, such as human losses, financial difficulties and health problems. The victims received the work of their choice by choosing the oil print, in the dimensions they wanted to decorate their space, so that it becomes more beautiful externally and internally. Why art nourishes and heals…

The struggle to heal the wounds in Mati will continue in the coming years and we all have to think about how we can help these people make their home homemade . The tiles are not enough, we need the love and practical support of all of us.

The Support Structure has ceased to exist but any interested donors can contact the Municipality, where there is a list of those affected, the situation and the needs their. The painter Barbara Gerodimou in collaboration with Bizart Galleries will proceed with a new donation. We hope for other similar initiatives. Let each of us put his little stone to build the houses beautiful and full of love.


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