Deutsche Telekom: CEO Tim Höttges’s visit to fiber optics projects in Greece

Deutsche Telekom Group CEO Tim Höttges paid a visit to fiber optic network (FTTH) installation projects in Greece, following the announcement of the OTE Group’s strategic plan, which will bring FTTH to 3 million homes and businesses. The plan for the digital future of the country was announced last December to the Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, and the Minister of State and Digital Government, Mr. Kyriakos Pierrakakis, in a meeting held at the Maximos Mansion.

Mr. Höttges talked to the people of the OTE Group who are implementing the project in the area of ​​Metamorfosi, and watched the whole process, from the digging of the trench and the passage of the optical fiber, to the connection with the cabin and the end user. “The projects are progressing dynamically. Well done to our people in Greece who rushed to implement our commitment to the digital upgrade of the country “, said the head of the Deutsche Telekom Group and added:” In the era of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Metaverse, the optical fiber is progress force. Each area that accesses FTTH is upgraded. That’s why this investment is so important. ”

(from left) OTE Group President and CEO Michalis Tsamaz, Deutsche Telekom Group CEO Tim Höttges and OTE Group Chief Technology and Operations Officer Stefanos Theocharopoulos in fiber optic network installation projects

Fiber optics to homes

With a significant increase in total investments to over 3 billion euros by 2027, the OTE Group will cover about 2/3 of Greece’s fiber optic lines to home, responding to current and future needs and creating new prospects for digital development. Today, the OTE Group FTTH lines amount to approximately 560,000.

“Greece is particularly important for the Deutsche Telekom Group. We believe in its development prospects and invest dynamically in its future. We utilize the know-how and the special weight of a Global Group, to support the vision for the digital transformation of the country. “We confirm this in practice with our presence here today,” said Tim Höttges.

OTE Group Chief Technology and Operations Officer Stefanos Theocharopoulos guides Deutsche Telekom Group CEO Tim Höttges to the cabins and fiber optic network installation projectsοπτικών ινών

Digital transformation

Together with Mr. Tim Höttges, the head of Deutsche Telekom for Europe, Ms. Dominique Leroy, and the President and CEO of the OTE Group, Mr. Michalis Tsamaz, were present at the installation of the fiber optic network.

“The rapid development of the FTTH network in Greece by the OTE Group is at the heart of our customer-centric philosophy. It is a prerequisite for the digital transformation of the state, society and business and has an undeniable positive impact on the economy, society and the environment. “FTTH will contribute to the digital development of the country and to the strengthening of its competitiveness in Europe”, said Ms. Dominique Leroy.

The President and CEO of OTE Group, Mr. Michalis Tsamaz, stated in this regard: “Consistent in our commitment, we accelerate the implementation of the fiber optic network to home and business, creating the infrastructure that will meet the digital needs of the country for next decades. It is a difficult project of great importance for the country, and at the same time a great challenge for the OTE Group. I’m sure we will succeed. “

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