Cyprus: At the finish line the museum of Marios Tokas in Ypsonas, Limassol

The creation of a museum about the life and work of the great Cypriot composer Marios Tokas in municipality of Ypsonas, in his hometown, Limassol, Cyprus.

“My father's work is alive, on the lips of young and less young people” says his daughter speaking to APE-MPE composer, Chara Toka, on the occasion of the completion, on Tuesday 27 April, 27 years from the day Marios Tokas left early life, at the age of 250. of me and of my brothers, Kostas and Angelou “, she continues,” it is his legacy to stay alive through a modern, interactive and friendly to all museum “.

” We chose the a museum for Marios Tokas to be built in Ypsonas, a municipality of Limassol “says Kostas Tokas, son of the composer and president of the” Marios Tokas “foundation.

It is noted that the “Marios Tokas” foundation has been established by the children of the Cypriot composer with the aim of promoting his work.

“O Ypsonas”, underlines Angelos Tokas, “was the place origin of our grandfather, father of Marios Tokas “.

” And Marios “, adds Hara Tokas,” always maintained very strong ties with Ypsonas “.

The museological study is in progress

The museum for Mario Tokas has received the necessary approvals and the museological study is already being prepared by specialized scientists (museologists, historians, engineers, etc.).

In this phase the exhibits are recorded, ie the entire staff of the archive, which among other things includes handwritten scores and notes, rare recordings and videos, but also the first piano of the composer.

The study is expected to be completed in three to four months and then the construction work of the museum will begin immediately.

The old neoclassical building that will house the museum will be completely renovated to meet all modern needs and requirements.

The goal is to deliver the museum to the public 2023), when they will be completed 15 years since the death of the great Cypriot composer.

“The museum”, points out Costas Tokas, “will be state-of-the-art, with the use of new audio and video technologies and with accessibility for everyone “.

” Our goal “, says Angelos Tokas,” is the tour to be a complete experience for people of all ages “.

” Inside from the songs, the work and the life of Marios Tokas “, adds Hara Tokas,” visitors will relive pieces of modern Greek and Cypriot history from the decade of '50 until today “.

Who was Marios Tokas

Marios Tokas was born on June 8 1954 in Limassol.

The Turkish invasion of 1954 found him serving his military service.

That period, as he said, marked him deeply, while significantly influencing his musical work .

After the war he settled in Athens and studied at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens and at the National Conservatory.

first appeared in Greek discography , with the album “Ta Tragoudia tis Pareas” and singer Manolis Mitsias.

For the next three decades he collaborated with the biggest names of Greek song.

Songs of Tokas have been performed by Dimitris Mitropanos, Giannis Parios, Marinella, George Dalaras, Paschalis Terzis, Tolis Voskopoulos, Glykeria, Haris Alexiou, Dimitra Galanis, Dimitra Galanis , Themis Adamantidis, Stelios Dionysiou, Lakis Chalkias, Vassilis Skoulas, Aleka Kanellidou, Katerina Kouka and other great artists.

«Σ 'ανα I ask in Thessaloniki “,” Ta Ladadika “,” Thalasses “,” Twin Moons “,” Annoula tou chionia “,” I love you like the laughter of May “,” It depends “,” A stop here “,” The night smells jasmine “,” The Sign “,” Like a crazy truck “,” Returns – Disasters “,” A rain “,” Kif “,” Forgotten luggage “,” Come secretly, come secretly “,” If you are not born a star “: melodies beloved and unforgettable bear his own signature.

In his particular homeland, Cyprus, he dedicated an important part of his musical work.

“Raise your back Pentadachtile”, in poetry by Costas Montis, and “My homeland”, in lyrics by the Turkish Cypriot Nesie Yassin, will forever remain engraved in the heart of the Cypriot people.

The 2023 was honored with the “Medal of Excellent Offer”, which is the highest honor of the Republic of Cyprus.

Marios Tokas Foundation

With the aim of protecting, preserving and promoting his work, but also the digitization and publicity of the rich archive, the Marios Tokas Foundation operates.

Much of the composer's digitized archive is published on the website, but also on the official Facebook accounts (Marios Tokas / Marios Tokas), at, as well as on Instagram (marios_tokas_official), at

“Marios Tokas”, says Costas Tokas, “stubbornly refused to separate music into genres. He said that he was only interested in a good song. What speaks to people's hearts and accompanies them in their beautiful or difficult moments. In their loves, but also in their fears. In their struggles and conquests “.

” The mission of the Marios Tokas Foundation is to preserve for the next generations the work, but also the attitude of our father. The love for the homeland, the friendship, the genuine interest for the fellow human being “concludes Angelos Tokas.

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