Carnival Lines to join Greece’s cruise ships return this summer

Carnival Lines to join Greece's cruise ships return this summerThe line has scheduled 23 different cruises and will start selling tickets on April 20

Hopes for good summer tourism season in Greece are getting better with cruise lines lining up to come and take passengers to islands, now with German Cruise operator AIDA Cruises saying it will operate as of May 23.

That’s nine days after the country will open to tourists who can show proof of being vaccinated or a negative Coronavirus test and with smaller islands getting all their residents being inoculated.

The line has scheduled 23 different cruises and will start selling tickets on April 20 adding to hopes that people will feel confident to board ships and come to Greece as the country has stepped up its own vaccination program.

The 7-day voyages onboard AIDAblu around the Greek Islands are scheduled to include several of Greece’s best spots. Rhodes, Crete, Heraklion, Katakolon (Olympia), and Piraeus are all listed as ports of call.

Corfu will act as the homeport for embarking and disembarking the vessel. Guests have the opportunity to book a 14-day back-to-back cruise as well, said the site Cruise Hive.

Passengers must have a mandatory PCR test before arrival, regular health checks, comprehensive AHA rules, medical care including testing capacities on board, and follow health requirements and other restrictions.


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