MEGA's staff includes the -gold Palm Award-winning director Vassilis Kekatos. The , already acclaimed with a great international filmmaker career, prepares the new mini-series of fiction entitled “Milky Way” in produced by Foss Productions.

Against the backdrop of harsh conditions in an anonymous mountain town, adult heroes who cling to the past and teenagers trying to find their way to the future shape the mosaic a society that has learned to hide behind its secrets in order to survive. At the core of a particularly sensitive social issue, the “Milky Way” invites us to a new galaxy, which is inherent in ours. In the series you will meet the tragic with the comic element, the romantic with the hard and the dreamy with the highly realistic. Bold, human but also with humor that will be hidden in the most unexpected places, “Milky Way” will make the viewer deeply moved, to cry but also to laugh.

According to Vassilis Kekatos, “At a time when the quality of television series worldwide has skyrocketed and is on par with the quality of great movies, I feel that something must be done for young people by someone who belongs to the same generation as them.” For Vassilis Kekatos, “Milky Way”, activating the instinct of his heroes for personal freedom, is a tender as well as fun ode to those who escape.

Vassilis Kekatos is a director, screenwriter, a -grapher, an excellent graduate of the School of Fine Arts at Brunel University in London and a fellow of the Sundance Institute, founded by Robert Redford. He is the second Greek director after Theodoros Angelopoulos to be awarded the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, specifically for his short film “The Distance Between Heaven and Us”, which was honored at the same festival with Queer Palm.