Augustis Efstathiou, EOKA fighter for the Union of Cyprus with Greece, has died (photo)

The EOKA fighter Augustis Efstathiou, who was an emblematic figure of the Cypriots’ struggle for Union with Greece, passed away on Monday, at the age of 88.

Efstathiou was a freedom fighter of EOKA and was a member of Grigoris Afxentiou’s group in Mahairas Monastery, until the day of Afxentiou’s sacrifice, who was burned alive in his hideout by the British.

Shortly before the attack by the British, Augustis Efstathiou together with his other three competitors, Phidias Symeonidis, Andreas Stylianou and Antonis Papadopoulos, were ordered by Afxentiou to leave the hiding place, because he himself had already taken the decision to be sacrificed for the cause of the Cypriot Union with Greece.

“I taught you how Greeks fight; now I will teach you how Greeks die”, Afxentiou told them.

The - is from the time of Efstathios’ exit from the hideout.

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