Immediately after the Casablanca Conference in Morocco, the 1943, which contributed to the consolidation of the plans of the USA, Britain and other allies to confront the Axis powers, Winston Churchill painted the Mosque Marrakech dolls.

It was the only painting he completed during World War II and now Angelina Jolie is selling the painting.

On March 1, the project is being auctioned at Christie's and estimates are worth up to $ 3.4 million.

It is expected to fetch up to £ 2.5 million

Published by CNN International on Tuesday, February 2 2021

Initially, Winston Churchill donated the painting « Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque “to the then President of the United States, Franklin Deleino Roosevelt. After the Conference, he invited Roosevelt to visit Marrakesh so that he could enjoy the view of the mountains from the city, a view which has long fascinated Churchill.

Seeing his mosque Atlanta, Roosevelt was so impressed that Churchill decided to paint the scene and give him the play as a gesture of friendship.

The painting passed to Eliot Roosevelt, his son Franklin Dileno, and the Jolie family acquired him 2011 from the MS antique shop Rau in New Orleans.

Nick Orchard, head of Modern British Art at Christie's, said in a statement that is “undoubtedly the best painting by Winston Churchill because of the importance of the subject to him and the fact that it highlights the importance of friendship between the two leaders.”

According to an announcement, the first to urge Winston Churchill to visit Morocco was his painting teacher, the Irish portrait painter Sir John Livery.

Overall, Winston Churchill completed approximately projects based on the African landscape

The project “Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque” will be auctioned according to the RES in the context of the auction of modern British works of art at Christie's.

To date, Churchill's auction record is held by 'The Goldfish Pond at Chartw ell “, his work 1943, with $ 2.8 million at Sotheby's 2021).

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