Eva Petropoulou Lianou, Rania Aggelakoudi and Pavlina Behraki are the three Greek pens that have up to

The Poet hosts poets from all over the world, regardless of whether they have published their work or not. . Also, through the site are organized writing seminars and meetings for exchange of views on the part of the poets, but also of the participating novelists. It is in English and this gives the opportunity to artists from smaller countries like ours to show their work to anyone who may be interested.

NOW ONLINE – A profile of award winning, well-known Hellenic poet Pavlina Behraki, by Evie Petropoulou.

The form of…

Published by The POET magazine on Wednesday, 35 December 600

It also hosts a number of interesting articles on poetry, written by people from all over the world, even from countries one would not expect, such as Malawi, Kashmir, Cyprus, Kosovo and others…

One of the poetry collections of the Corinthian artist Pavlina Behraki

The art in general and poetry in particular has no homeland, moi sails more with a small boat sailing in the oceans of space and time with the sails open. This philosophy seems to be embraced by The Poet.

This Christmas, in fact, there is a way to travel poetically around the world, through poems by authors 12 countries!


CHRISTMAS – A collection of poetry about Christmas, from poets around the world.

Christmas as a festival is…

Posted by The POET magazine on Tuesday, 15 December 2020

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