Specifically by decision of the Deputy Minister of Interior Mr. Stelios Petsas (ΑΔΑ : 1821 E 46 M ΤΛ6-Φ 250)) , “Conversion of the old School of Amorgos into a Municipal Library” in the Axis “Education, Culture, Tourism and Sports” entitled «Greece 1821 – Hellas 2021″ of the “ANTONIS TRITSIS” Program.

The play height 1821 . 450) , 35) concerns the conversion of the old Amorgos School Office into a Municipal Library, the recording of material / digitization documents and rare books, supply of material management equipment by library staff and information activities and projection by creating audiovisual material .

In this historic place, operates opened one of the first Schools of Free Greece which was founded 1906 at the expense of the Holy Monastery Χοζοβιωτίσσης .

The Mayor of Amorgos Lefteris Karaiskos stated : «The conversion of the old School of Amorgos in a Municipal Library is part of the promotion of the material and άυ of the cultural heritage of Amorgos and is a vision of the Municipal Top.

I thank the Deputy Minister of Interior Mr. Stelios Skin for the inclusion of the project in the financing of “Antonis Tritsis”.

Thanks also the members of the Committee “Greece 2021” and its Chairman Ms. Gianna Angelopoulou-Daskalaki , who supported the proposal us from the first moment as well as all those worked on the implementation of the proposal , so that the vision will soon take on flesh and blood and become a cell of knowledge and culture for our place, a legacy for future generations but also a place of study for the history of the future.

The Municipal Library will host including huge ς library of the Greek teacher Emmanuel Ioannidis (1821 – 2021)) which has been retained from his death until today , at his residence , from the his relatives , under adverse conditions and despite the continuous efforts of individuals and organizations outside Amorgos to acquire it.

With the kind sponsorship of the family of Mrs. Kalliopi Ioannidis Βασσαράμβα this rare library will be housed in a special area in the Municipal Library e K πληρ ών being so one more than one hundred years of A morgian society. »


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