Americans searching “Greece” more than any European destination

A recent project from monitoring by Google, analyzed by web travel marketplace Koala indicates American travelers are keen to visit Greece as soon as the pandemic crisis is abated.

Banned from traveling to Greece because of the COVID catastrophe and their country’s response, U.S. travelers seem to be searching for Greece more than any other European destination for possible 2021 vacationing.

American travelers are very important for Greece for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact they spend more at destinations than their European contemporaries. And Greece has been an undervalued destination for many years now.

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According to the numbers, when it comes to European destinations, Greece is the most-searched-for country by American travelers, accounting for about 247,000 searches in that period by US users, with Iceland a surprising second with 189,000 searches, according to a Kathimerini story recently. And according to Koala:

“It appears many have their eyes set on the birthplace of democracy, with ancient historical roots and magnificent temples.”

For some years now, Greece has been marketed and sold as an inexpensive beach destination, but alternative tourism potential in the southeastern European nation is enormous.

-: Argophilia

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