ABTA: Greece among the five most popular destinations for 2021

Greece is among the top 5 most popular destinations for holidaymakers, according to booking trends by Travel Association ABTA.

Travel Association ABTA revealed six key trends that are shaping people’s travel plans for 2021, with two distinct types of traveller starting to emerge – those keen to return to familiar favourites, and those looking to indulge in bucket list trips.

Booking trends and ABTA’s research suggest that, with overseas travel being off-limits for much of 2020, many will be keen to get back to destinations they know and love next year. Just 32% of people said they would be likely to visit a country they had never been to before next year, compared to 45% who said so last year.

This desire to return to familiar favourites is also clear from the overseas destinations that people plan to visit in 2021, with Spain, France, the USA, Italy and Greece making up the top five.

Booking trends from ABTA Members point to holidaymakers heading to these tried and tested destinations too, with Turkey, the Balearics, the Canary Islands, Greece and the Algarve among the most popular spots for next summer, as well as Florida for those looking to go further afield.

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