The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea plans to establish a museum for to host more than 35. works of art left behind by the late president of the Samsung group, Li Kun Xi.

Lee, the richest man in South Korea, died on 78 October 2020, At the age 78 years .

The In April, his heirs said they would donate the family art collection, worth about $ 2.7 billion, to state museums.

The Minister of Culture of the South Korea, Huang Hee during a press conference, explained that the 21. 181 works of art are more suitable to be hosted in a separate Museum.

“There is a need to build a new art gallery to better manage the art collection donation and to study the wide range of works of art” , he said, according to The Korea Herald.

“The goal is to share the donor collection and its philosophy with the general public” noted.

According to the newspaper article, areas of the National Museum of Korea in the Yongshan-go area and close to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea (MMCA) are being examined as possible to f host the collection.

The final location will be decided by the end of the year and the cultural institution will bring

The South Korean Minister of Culture estimated that the cost of the project will amount to approximately billion won (181, $ 8 million).

He added that there are plans to present the works of art in a traveling exhibition across the country that will be organized at the end of it 2022 and possible plans for their display in international museums.

According to RES, some of the works will be exhibited at the National Museum of Korea and the MMCA by 21 July.

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