6 Athenian cafés for a warm, wintery atmosphere

Steaming coffee, a wide variety of tea, homemade food, and good wine by the fireplace; some of the capital’s most unique cafés manage to combine the pleasure of an outing with a homely atmosphere thanks to their beautiful decoration and warm aesthetics.

In a city where low temperatures are not the norm, even in the winter months, and where outdoor dining spaces seem to be the usual thing, characterful winter haunts with unique warmth are a little hard to find, but we do need them.

From the city centre and the northern suburbs of Attica at the edge of the icy mountains, to the southern suburbs, a breath away from the sea, 6 cafes serving delicious food and desserts, offer idyllic winter moments next to a glowing fire – promoting a way of entertainment that we have somewhat forgotten and that entails endless conversations and laughter with our company, without mobile phones, screens and unnecessary distractions of any kind.

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