5 verdant parks in Attica, safe for strolling and playing with children

Attica, a region with historic and cultural interest, also offers some less known pleasures that can provide carefree moments of relaxation to the whole family.

The blooming parks and lush forests of the region include lovely, secluded paths that are ideal for bike or roller rides, while their lakes are a great destination if you want your children to become acquainted with the rare flora of Greece.

In a time when seclusion seems like a default request, the wooded areas near Athens, that are protected from overcrowding, are bound to become Attica’s hot spots, the perfect places to enjoy a long walk filled with adventure and games that will keep your children busy for hours.

We picked 5 of the most beautiful parks or forests around Attica where you can go on a family excursion and where you’ll certainly not get bored.

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